Camping Demerit Badges

What’s A Better Than Awesome Camping Demerit Badges?

Here’s a fun little spin on regular old demerit badges…

We found probably some of the funniest and best camping demerit badges you can find online.

Friend made fun of you for needing a bandaid on one of your camping trips. Theres a badge for that!

hot grilled cheese

Maybe you caught your grilled cheese on fire and became a laughing stock during the trip…

Well, there’s a badge for that!


big foot sighting

How about that friend that always swears he seen big foot. (We all have that one guy am I right)

Well he can have his own badge for that too!

No matter if it was a horrible memory, a fun adventure, or something that you and your friends can all laugh about.

There’s most likely a camping demerit badge that you can find to have as a friendly reminder of that good… or bad time!

Now you’re probably asking yourself this question…

Where Can I Find One Of These Cool Camping Demerit Badges?

Well, you’re in luck!

We pulled our backs out trying to search and find these badges all over the internet so you didn’t have to!

I know… We’re pretty sweet, right?

Now the first resource we found was a very cool website with all of these funny badges you can pick up for your friends as the perfect camping gift, or maybe a small momento.

And it is called…

This site has a bunch of cool demerit badges that you can pick up.

These were probably the funniest and best badges we found out here on the interwebz.

Check out some of our favorite ones down below:

glamping badge

Glamping Badge: For those who like to camp in style

ejection seat

Ejection Badge: For those who can’t stay in the raft

dumpster diver badge

Dumpster Badge: For those always going through the trash

They have one for glamping, getting kick-off of your raft, and the good old dumpster diver for the person always going through the garbage for some “treasure”.

You’ll definitely want to go to their site to check out all the other cool camping badges that they have.

And the second place you can go to is…


You probably already guessed it…

That’s cause we know you’re a super smart cookie!

But Amazon has a huge amount of demerit badges you can buy and gift to your loved ones.

So if you can’t find one that you absolutely love on the first website. Be sure to check out amazon to see if you can find something that you love over there!

Now if you can’t find something you like from those two websites…

Then we don’t know what to tell you!

Just kidding. We probably just haven’t found it yet.

But if you have. We would love to hear about it, and include it in our list!

Let’s Wrap Things Up

That basically wraps up this blog post about camping demerit badges. It’s a great and inexpensive gift that you can purchase for your friends or family that love to go out and camp!

We hope you enjoyed our blog post, and maybe it inspired you to go out and find the perfect camping badge as a present. Or maybe you just like to browse the internet and read articles about badges.

don’t worry we won’t judge. So you keep doing you!

But in all seriousness…

We hope you found our re helpful in your search for the perfect camping badge!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. If you want to purchase any of these badges mentioned in this blog post. Be sure to use the links down below to help support our website!