Cool Camping Gear

“Get a pink camping chair for
your sweetie!”

Ultimate Pink Camping Chair
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This pink camping chair has everything you could want! It will be the envy of your whole family! There is a fold-out side tray, insulated holders for drinks, little pockets, and a zipper pouch. When it folds up, the shoulder strap allows everything to stay in the pockets!
Kids Comfy Pink Camping Chair
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Available in small or medium, this comfy hot pink camping chair is ultra comfortable! Made by Lucky Bums, it's called a moon chair! The small version is perfect for kids under 6 and the medium fits kids up to 10. Makes a perfect camping gift!
Kids Pink Camping Chair
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This hot pink camping chair is perfect for your daughter! The beauty of a pink chair is that the boys will stay far away and not steal it! No more fighting over chairs! Comes with a hot pink carrying case and is on sale for almost 50% off!
Log Pillow
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Be the envy of the campsite with your ultra-comfortable micro bead head cushion. Shaped and printed to look like a real log, this soft pillow will let you doze off by the campfire. Cool camping gear for your head! Makes a truly wonderful kids camping gear gift!
Rainbow Flame Crystals
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Make your campfire magical with these rainbow flame crystals! Just shake them out over a wood fire and these crystals produce amazing rainbow flames. The package has enough for 30 applications, so let the kids go wild! The effect is truly amazing!
Kid Safe Rubber Horse Shoes
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Have old timey fun with this completely kid safe horse shoe set. These rubber horse shoes not only work well, but are easy for kids to pick up and toss. Perfect for little kids at the campsite (up to age 6). Fun camping gifts like this can even be used inside your home.
Instant Pop-Up Family Camp Tent
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Self-expands in 1 second, this is a perfect tent for a sandy beach, grassy park, or a warm weather campsite. It sleeps 2 adults or 1 adult and several children. Great for kids who want their own tent and their own space! Folds back to nothing in 3 seconds.
Watermelon Tent
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This watermelon tent is dripping with juicy watermelon goodness. No need to worry though, because there is an actual practical tent underneath the tent tarp. You will never lose your tent again! I wonder if it comes in a seedless version...
Hot Dog Roaster Fishing Rod
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Reel your way to hot dog cooking perfection. A great camping gift for the fisherman who likes to sit back and slowly rotate their marshmallow into a golden brown masterpiece. Complete with telescoping rod so that you don't get too toasty from the campfire. Camping gadget fun!