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“Find your perfect metal detector
for treasure hunting!”

Garrett Metal Detector GTI 2500
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This metal detector is a beauty and a steal at 43% off! Offers a size and depth matrix to understand what you're dealing with. Offers 6 Operating Modes: All Metal, Coin, Jewelry, Relics, Zero, and a Custom mode. People love this metal detector and give it 5-stars!
Garrett Pro Pointer
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What you might not realize is that once your metal detector discovers something, this little gadget will save you hours of digging time. No joke. It quickly pinpoints your treasure and you're done. This device is light, has a scraping edge, and can be rinsed off under water.
Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector
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This child sized metal detector is perfect for your child or grandchild! Introduce them to treasure hunting and bond with them over this relaxing sport! This unit detects coin-sized objects up to 5 inches deep and larger objects up to 3 feet deep. Makes an awesome gift!
Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector
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This model is perfect for the beginner who wants to get started! However, it's fancy enough to really have a good time and find real treasure. Couple this with the Garrett Pro Pointer and now you're talking! Capable and affordable, this is a great metal detector!
Garrett Metal Detector Sand Scoop
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Simple. Your metal detector gives you the signal, you scoop up some sand, then you rescan the area. If it's negative, then your treasure is in your scoop! Just shake the sand out through the sieve and you're done. Makes treasure hunting on the beach a breeze!
Garrett Retriever Digging Tool
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It's not easy digging and you'll need help. This tool quickly tears through the earth and effortlessly moves dirt. Don't mess around with picks - just hammer and pull to get to your treasure. It comes with a belt holder and the end of the handle has a strong magnet.
Fisher F75 Metal Detector
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This top of the line model is able to detect metal DEEP underground, which is the key for finding relics! If you're going to be treasure hunting, then you'll want the best so that you don't miss anything! Unique, special features include target confidence and target depth.
Metal Detecting Stories
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This is not your typical treasure hunting book! The author shares his actual hunting trips, which is what makes this special book really interesting and exciting. It's the next best thing to getting out there yourself. Lots of fun to read and hard to put down!
The Urban Treasure Hunter
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This book starts with the basics and explains how to locate, unearth, and identify all of those treasures. Lots of ancient artifacts, valuable jewelry, and vintage coins are waiting to be found and this guide gives explains it all. Learn the tricks of the trade and find more treasure!