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Rainbow Campfire Crystals
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Sprinkle these rainbow flame crystals on your campfire for a magical effect! Kids love this! It's an effect like you've never seen before. With 30 applications per package, there is plenty to go around for all the kids. One more way to enjoy the campfire late into the night!
Log Pillow
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Be the envy of the campsite with your ultra-comfortable micro bead head cushion. Shaped and printed to look like a real log, this soft pillow will let you doze off by the campfire. Cool camping gear for your head! Makes a truly wonderful kids camping gear gift!
Camp Table and Organizer
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Camping tables don't get any better than this! Sturdy aluminum roll-top surface. It has four zippered compartments. One is even lined to use as kitchen sink! This makes one fantastic organizer and cook station! This thing has impeccable 5-star reviews all around.
Portable Folding Hammock
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There's nothing like reading a book in a comfy hammock! This portable folding hammock is perfect for a lazy afternoon at the campsite. The price can't be beat at 60% off and only $40!
Pro Horseshoe Set
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These solid steel horseshoes have been made in the United States for over 75 years. They are approved for professional play, so you know they're serious. Comes in a beautiful wooden box for that special old-time feel. Makes an amazing gift that is very memorable.
Teepee Tent
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Heavy-duty, lightweight, waterproof, polyester, and green. This teepee tent features it all! How can you possibly resist the timeless peak-style construction? How can you not be impressed by the covered mesh windows that allow air to circulate, keeping your camp fresh?
Best Portable Toilet
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All potty jokes aside, sometimes you NEED to go to the bathroom like a civilized human being - you need a camping toilet! So don't poo poo the porta potty too quickly. Squatting in the woods is overrated... Can you put a price on modern civilization? Apparently you can - it's...
Emergency Fire Starter
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Can you get a fire going in an emergency? Light up paper and fine fibers (dried grass, cotton, moss) without a problem. For a measly $4, you can't go wrong.
Ultra Light Folding Shovel
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This is the ULTIMATE camping shovel. Small, ultra light (4.6 oz), and unbreakable. The shovelhead is carbon steel and the shaft is anodized aluminum. The pick even helps loosen rock or hard clay. A must-have tool that makes a great camping gift.
Kids Pink Camping Chair
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This hot pink camping chair is perfect for your daughter! The beauty of a pink chair is that the boys will stay far away and not steal it! No more fighting over chairs! Comes with a hot pink carrying case and is on sale for almost 50% off!
Swiss Army SwissChamp
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Yes, this is crazy, but it actually works and it WILL fit in your jeans pocket! Official Swiss Army, it has everything: altimeter, barometer, alarm, thermometer, chisel, magnifying glass, ball point pen, LED light, reamer, scissors and of course tweezers! Makes a special gift!
Ultimate Volleyball / Badminton Set
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You demand the best and we deliver! This set is very highly rated and contains everything, including tournament quality goose feather shuttle cocks, 4 tournament quality badminton rackets, a premium volleyball, and braided boundary lines. Play with the best!