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Full-Sized Replica 1965 VW Tent
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Cheech and Chong would approve of this way groovy FULL-SIZED replica of a 1965 VW T1 Campervan, dude. Perfect for summer music festivals, this tent sleeps 4 and has two rooms. Far out! Cool camping gear doesn't get any more fun than this!
Instant Pop-Up Family Camp Tent
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Self-expands in 1 second, this is a perfect tent for a sandy beach, grassy park, or a warm weather campsite. It sleeps 2 adults or 1 adult and several children. Great for kids who want their own tent and their own space! Folds back to nothing in 3 seconds.
Serengeti Luxury Tent
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Suited for desert, tropical rainforest, or coastal dunes, the Serengeti is a top-tier luxury tent. Step into this tent and you'll find yourself pulled back in time to a romanticized 1930's Africa. Hopefully you brought a time machine to get you back.
Crystal Bubble Tent
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Designed by the French company BubbleTree, the "CristalBubble" tent lets you experience a magical and unusual night under the stars with the comfort of a hotel room. Let's just hope that no large animals with sharp horns come anywhere near your tent! This is glamping!
Solar Camping Tent Concept
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This solar powered concept tent weaves specially coated solar threads into normal fabric. The three gliding roof panels then move throughout the day to maximize solar efficiency. Too bad you can't buy it since this would be the ultimate in luxury camping gear!
Teepee Tent
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Heavy-duty, lightweight, waterproof, polyester, and green. This teepee tent features it all! How can you possibly resist the timeless peak-style construction? How can you not be impressed by the covered mesh windows that allow air to circulate, keeping your camp fresh?
Remote Control LED Tent Finder
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Ever try to find your camping tent at night in a busy campsite? It's ridiculous! This product is amazing and will let you light up your tent from afar. It's like a car beeper for your tent! Why didn't someone think of this sooner?
Eureka 4-Person Classic Retro Tent
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This is the one and only classic A-frame camping tent by Eureka. Impeccable reviews, over a million sold, this is the tent that people have camped in for decades. It's so classic that it's an icon for camping. Quality all around, this tent is retro camping gold.
Cocoon Tent Concept
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The Cocoon Tent was designed as an outdoor emergency shelter. Unfortunately, it might double as a piƱata for bears! The idea is that you would be in a sitting position inside the tent, so it's not clear if you would be able to actually get some sleep.
Inflatable Diamond Cave Tent
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Modeled after the molecular structure of a diamond for increased stability, this tent uses inflatable posts to hold it up. However, it looks like you'll need to scrounge up some serious Euros to buy it from the German company Heimplanet. Inflatable cool camping gear!
Camping Pinata
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It's not a party without a pinata! Let your tiny campers swing at the pinata until tiny pieces of candy explode outward. You could even fill the pinata with tiny marshmallows, Hershey bars, and graham crackers (maybe wrap groups of each so they stay clean!). Camping theme fun!
Stronghold Tent
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Used around the world in base camps from Kilimanjaro to Yosemite Valley, this tent will shelter 10+ people and is impervious to the elements. However, if you happen to be visiting Yellowstone, this tent will not protect you from steam, magma, or wild bison.
Childs VW Camper Van Tent
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Get a mini version of the awesome full size VW camper tent! Your kids will have no idea why this is so cool. It's OK, though, since it's your job as a parent to instill coolness in them. And the whole thing folds up into a hubcap carrying bag?!? Well, just shut up and take my money.
Watermelon Tent
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This watermelon tent is dripping with juicy watermelon goodness. No need to worry though, because there is an actual practical tent underneath the tent tarp. You will never lose your tent again! I wonder if it comes in a seedless version...
Humongous 12 Person Tent Condo
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20 feet long and 10 feet wide, this tent truly is a condo of its own! Large mesh windows allow cool summer breezes, yet can be zipped up to keep the rain away. There is also a divider to make two large separate rooms. This camping tent is move in ready!