Cool Camping Gear

“Discover new camping games
to play around the campfire!”

Camping Game:<br/>Baby Food Musical Chairs Fear Factor
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Get several jars of yucky baby food and hide them in a sack. Everyone stands in a circle and passes a spoon while music plays. When the music stops, the loser blindly picks a jar and takes a big bite. Keep going until only one person is left. Just like Fear Factor!

Requirements: 4 jars of gross baby food, a sack, and a spoon.
Campfire Game:<br/>Two Truths and a Lie
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Around the campfire, take turns telling two true things about yourself and one lie (but of course mix them up so that it's not obvious which are which). The other players vote on which one they think is the lie. It's a great way to learn interesting things about your family and friends! In fact, you're likely to learn a little too much! TMI!
Camping Game:<br/>Guess the Gross Jelly Bean
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Start with Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans by Jelly Belly, with flavors such as Earwax, Booger, and Vomit. Each player chooses from 1 to 10 and gets a jelly bean. Everyone else is told what the jelly bean is and then you can watch the player squirm as they describe the taste!
Campfire Game:<br/>Telling Spooky Camping Stories
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Nothing beats telling spooky stories around the campfire! A good story should be relatable and suspenseful, told slowly and methodically. If you have trouble making up good stories, then you can always bring along a book like this one! Boo!
Camping Game:<br/>Campfire Songs Name that Tune
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Everybody loves listening to music and talking about music around the campfire! Take turns humming a few bars of your favorite tunes and see who can guess first. Of course, if someone can play the guitar and read music, then you're all set with this campfire guitar songbook!
The 175 Best Camp Games
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This trusty book has boatloads of fun camping games for kids. Whether you're looking for active movement games or just sitting still around the campfire games, they're all in here! Lots of fun, especially for bonding with your kids. Bring it along on your next camping trip!
Camping Pinata
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It's not a party without a pinata! Let your tiny campers swing at the pinata until tiny pieces of candy explode outward. You could even fill the pinata with tiny marshmallows, Hershey bars, and graham crackers (maybe wrap groups of each so they stay clean!). Camping theme fun!
Kids Camping Gear Set
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Prepare for the camping trip with kid versions of all the gear! Battery powered stove and lantern? Check. Swiss Army knife and watch? Check. Canteen and frying pan? Check. It even has a shovel and first aid kit that didn't fit in the picture. 8 total pieces of cool camping gear!
Curious George Goes Camping
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Get your kids excited about the big camping trip with this classic disaster story. The ultimate camping book for little kids! Does Curious George ever get his tent set up? Does he get eaten by bears? No spoilers here. You have to read the book!
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Camp the board game is a camping adventure designed to learn about the outdoors. Identify animals, spot dangerous situations, learn to identify animal tracks, survive near-freezing temperatures, and stay hydrated by drinking only your own urine. This game is genuine.
Water Tag Vests with Hit Meter
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Not only can your kids blast each other with water, but they can now objectively tell who is the soggiest. The vest absorbs water, causing the meter to rise with each hit! Let your kids thoroughly drench each other with a clear target other than you!
Inflatable Bumper Balls
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Wrap your kids up in these protective inflatable bumper balls. Just like bubble wrap protects products during shipping, these protective encasements will ensure that your special child remains in pristine condition. No more scrapes, bruises, or nasty bumps to worry about.