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Solhuma Vital Survival Stove
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This small survival stove will burn wood, paper, cardboard, twigs, straw, natural fibers, animal dung, and charcoal. It also generates electricity which powers a blower fan to keep the fire strong. Additional energy is generated to also power your cell phone! Now that's cool!
Remote Control LED Tent Finder
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Ever try to find your camping tent at night in a busy campsite? It's ridiculous! This product is amazing and will let you light up your tent from afar. It's like a car beeper for your tent! Why didn't someone think of this sooner?
Hot Dog Roaster Fishing Rod
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Reel your way to hot dog cooking perfection. A great camping gift for the fisherman who likes to sit back and slowly rotate their marshmallow into a golden brown masterpiece. Complete with telescoping rod so that you don't get too toasty from the campfire. Camping gadget fun!
Heavy Duty Log Tweezers
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Sometimes there is someone camping (we won't name names) who can't stop rearranging the damn campfire. For them, this is the ultimate tool! Whether the logs are smoldering, flickering, or blazing, pluck those hard to reach logs with these heavy duty log tweezers!
Ultimate Camping Multi-Tool
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It's a hammer, an axe, a wrench, and a bunch of other things. There's also a jagged sharp thingy, a sharp knife-like silver part, and some other dangerously sharp items. It's exactly what you need right now! Or maybe sometime in the future. But you need it.
Vortex Hand Blender
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You are a person who blends things. You like to blend fruit for breakfast smoothies, yet you also like to blend hard liquor and ice for after dinner drinks. That's just who you are. You are an exciting person who makes blended drinks that don't require chewing. Own it.
PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator
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This innocent looking camping pot will not only boil water, but it will generate electricity for your USB gadgets. Turn heat directly into power for your phone! It's simple. You're trading money and heat for electricity. Fancy technology to the rescue!
Carbon Steel Hand Chain Saw
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This is THE tool you want in your camping box. Tear through a 5-inch tree trunk in under 2 minutes with these carbon steel teeth. Don't bother hacking firewood with a machete or hatchet - use this saw instead! Add this to your camping gifts list!
Heater for Inside Camping Tents
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Even with a sleeping bag, sometimes it can get darn cold inside your camping tent. Never again! This Coleman heater is completely safe to use inside your tent (flameless heat!). It provides 7 hours of toasty warmth on a single cylinder of propane. Never be cold again!
Garrett Metal Detector GTI 2500
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This metal detector is a beauty and a steal at 43% off! Offers a size and depth matrix to understand what you're dealing with. Offers 6 Operating Modes: All Metal, Coin, Jewelry, Relics, Zero, and a Custom mode. People love this metal detector and give it 5-stars!
Swiss Army SwissChamp
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Yes, this is crazy, but it actually works and it WILL fit in your jeans pocket! Official Swiss Army, it has everything: altimeter, barometer, alarm, thermometer, chisel, magnifying glass, ball point pen, LED light, reamer, scissors and of course tweezers! Makes a special gift!
Gear Tie Cord Binders
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Yes, they are just heavy duty rubber coated copper twist ties. However, you will use them all, buy more, use them all, buy some as gifts, use them all, etc. The cycle will repeat forever because they are so damn useful! In seconds everything you own will be tied together!
Hand Operated Washing Machine
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Wash your clothes while camping! Just grab this contraption, your dirty clothes, a bucket of water, a touch of soap, and start vigorously plunging, just like the original pioneers! Your clothes will be clean and you'll end up with a bucket of dirty water. It's a good trade!
Cordless Rechargable Bug Zapper
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You can flail your arms like a lunatic or you can let this rechargeable bug zapper lantern do the dirty work for you. Just set this insect zapper about 10 feet away and it'll dispense with the little buggers with ease. They won't feel a thing and neither will you. ZAP!
3000 Volt Electric Bug Zapper
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The most powerful bug zapper racket you can buy! You'll need a taser to zap bugs with more voltage than this. Just swing away and exact your revenge against the little bloodthirsty suckers. It's you or them! They've made their choice, now it up to you to protect yourself.
30 Day Survival Lantern
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This lantern is indestructible and will shine for 30 straight days on only three D batteries. It can hang upside down in your tent and in an emergency situation it can even flash a bright SOS signal for 15 straight days. Now this is a lantern and it might just save your life!
Personal Locator Beacon
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There are times when you don't want to be found. However, if you ever want to be found alive, you might want this. The 406 MHz signal relays location to the worldwide SAR satellite network and the 121.5 MHz signal relays your location to ground Search and Rescue.
Suunto GPS Watch
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It does everything. Full GPS pinpoints location and elevation. Switch between running, cycling, training, and swimming modes for access to information like lap times, calories, distance, and route. Recharged via USB with over 1000 free apps available. Customize your adventure!
14-in-1 Survival Watch
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Compass, signal mirror, flashlight, can opener, fire starter, fishing, whistle, cutting tool. Yikes, it does it all! Half Swiss Army knife and half MacGyver. There is nothing you can't handle with this watch. Since it's a Kickstarter campaign, get in on the ground floor!
Portable Camping Grill
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Take along this portable camping grill that is fully contained in a 19.8 oz metal tube. It makes a decent sized grilling surface a little bigger than 9 x 10 inches. This is a very cool camping gear gadget that makes a great gift!
Fisher F75 Metal Detector
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This top of the line model is able to detect metal DEEP underground, which is the key for finding relics! If you're going to be treasure hunting, then you'll want the best so that you don't miss anything! Unique, special features include target confidence and target depth.
The Best Camp Axe You Can Buy
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It's compact, light, and virtually indestructible. With a forged steel axe head and a glass-filled nylon handle, this is the best camp axe you can buy! Can be used as a hatchet or axe to split wood for your campfire, make wood chips, cut tree limbs, or gather wood. Get the best!
Professional Throwing Axe
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Ever hurled an axe at an unsuspecting tree and heard the satisfying sound of it sinking in? Do it in style with this professional throwing axe. Perfectly shaped for beginners, it will stick into trees over a wide range of angles. What are you waiting for? You know you want it!
Lightweight Back Camping Axe
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At 1.8 pounds, this lightweight camping axe is comfortable in the hand and indestructible. It's not only easy to handle and carry with you, but it chops like a dream. This is THE camp axe to carry with you on a back woods trip! A truely wonderful small camping hatchet!
Classic Coleman Lantern
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Yes, it's the original classic Coleman kerosene lantern. It doesn't get any more authentic than this. Forget modern LED lanterns. This thing will provide all the light you need and make a great hissing noise as well. Just don't touch the top since it gets wicked hot!
Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster
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Roast hot dogs and marshmallows using this awesome old-style fishing pole. The hook can hold 4 marshmallows, 2 marshmallows and a hot dog, 2 hot dogs, or one trout. Lots of fun, especially for campers with good coordination or fishing skills. Beer sold separately.
Lightweight Nesting Cookware
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This is the perfect cookware for a camping couple! The MSR Trail Lite Duo System is super lightweight at only 1.4 pounds. It not only has a nice 2-liter aluminum pot, but two deep-dish bowls and two double-walled insulated mugs. Everything for a nice lunch for two!
Ultimate Leatherman
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This is the best Leatherman tool you can buy! The knife is made with the hardest steel offered, for amazing corrosion resistance and toughness. The casing has a tungsten coating for ultimate protection as well as an awesome look. This is the Cadillac of camping gadgets!
Solar Phone Charger
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This is the best solar phone charger you can buy! It has an internal battery pack to store the sun's rays until you need them. Plug in any USB device to get power out. As a bonus, it also has an ultra-high flux LED lamp built into the backside. Go green on the go!
Ultra Light Folding Shovel
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This is the ULTIMATE camping shovel. Small, ultra light (4.6 oz), and unbreakable. The shovelhead is carbon steel and the shaft is anodized aluminum. The pick even helps loosen rock or hard clay. A must-have tool that makes a great camping gift.