Cool Camping Gear

“A comprehensive camping checklist to help
make your camping trip wonderful!”

Camping Checklist: Camp Cooking

1. Camp Stove or Grill with Extra Fuel
2. Griddle or Skillet with Pot Holders
3. Forks, Spoons, and Knives
4. Cooking Utensils
5. Plates, Bowls, and Cups
6. Hot Dog Roasting Forks and Skewers
7. Aluminum Foil and Plastic Wrap
8. Paper Towels
9. Garbage Bags
10. Chairs and Tables
11. Jugs of Clean Drinking Water
12. Lots of Food
13. Can Opener
14. Corkscrew and a Bottle of Wine!
15. Coffee and Coffee Pot
16. Salt, Pepper, Ketchup, Mustard, BBQ Sauce
17. Plastic Zip-Lock Bags
18. Ice Coolers
19. Ice or Frozen Paks
20. Portable Sink
21. Hatchet, Camping Axe, or Camp Saw
22. Firewood
23. Newspaper to Get Fire Started
24. Lighter or a Waterproof Matches
25. Fire Extinguisher
26. Shovel to Put Out Fire

Camping Checklist: Camping Gear

1. Tent with Poles and Stakes
2. Test the Tent Before the Trip!
3. Tarp for under the Tent
4. Tarp for over the Tent
5. Mallet for Tent Stakes and Stake Puller
6. Lantern with Extra Batteries or Fuel
7. Lighter or Waterproof Matches
8. Flashlights with Extra Batteries
9. Knife or Multi-Purpose Tool
10. Hatchet, Camping Axe, or Camp Saw
11. Bungee Cords and Rope
12. Air Beds, Camping Pad, or a Cot
13. Tent Fan or Heater
14. Tent Light
15. Sleeping Bags
16. Pillows
17. Broom and Dust Pan
18. Tent Repair Kit
19. Duct Tape

Camping Checklist: Personal/Safety

1. Light Clothing
2. Warm Clothing
3. Layered Clothing
4. Jackets or Rain Gear (Umbrella)
5. Appropriate Shoes or Hiking Boots
6. Clothesline
7. Bath Towels
8. Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, and Floss
9. Soap and Hand Sanitizer (Baby Wipes!)
10. Combs or Brushes (Hair Bands)
11. Toilet Paper
12. Sunglasses and Sunscreen
13. Solar Cane to Relieve Sunburn or Bites
14. Headache Reliever (Advil or Tylenol)
15. Antihistamine for Allergies
16. Anti-Diarrheal Medicine (Imodium)
17. Wound Anti-Bacterial Medicine (Neosporin)
18. First Aid Kit (Band-Aids, Alcohol Wipes)
19. Citronella Candles to Keep Bugs Away
20. Mosquito Repellant (DEET, OFF, etc)
21. Signaling Mirror, Flare, and Whistle
22. Cell Phone and Charger
23. Extra Set of Car Keys
24. Radio
Camp Table and Organizer
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Camping tables don't get any better than this! Sturdy aluminum roll-top surface. It has four zippered compartments. One is even lined to use as kitchen sink! This makes one fantastic organizer and cook station! This thing has impeccable 5-star reviews all around.
Hot Dog Roaster Fishing Rod
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Reel your way to hot dog cooking perfection. A great camping gift for the fisherman who likes to sit back and slowly rotate their marshmallow into a golden brown masterpiece. Complete with telescoping rod so that you don't get too toasty from the campfire. Camping gadget fun!
Super Strong Double Hammock
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Can you believe that this hammock holds 2-3 people and folds up to the size of a grapefruit? Super strong, it can hold 400 pounds and can be used as a swing seat. Over 100 5-star reviews mean that this is the ultimate luxury camping gear hammock money can buy!
Instant Pop-Up Family Camp Tent
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Self-expands in 1 second, this is a perfect tent for a sandy beach, grassy park, or a warm weather campsite. It sleeps 2 adults or 1 adult and several children. Great for kids who want their own tent and their own space! Folds back to nothing in 3 seconds.
Ultimate Leatherman
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This is the best Leatherman tool you can buy! The knife is made with the hardest steel offered, for amazing corrosion resistance and toughness. The casing has a tungsten coating for ultimate protection as well as an awesome look. This is the Cadillac of camping gadgets!
Solar Phone Charger
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This is the best solar phone charger you can buy! It has an internal battery pack to store the sun's rays until you need them. Plug in any USB device to get power out. As a bonus, it also has an ultra-high flux LED lamp built into the backside. Go green on the go!
Log Pillow
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Be the envy of the campsite with your ultra-comfortable micro bead head cushion. Shaped and printed to look like a real log, this soft pillow will let you doze off by the campfire. Cool camping gear for your head! Makes a truly wonderful kids camping gear gift!
Pro Horseshoe Set
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These solid steel horseshoes have been made in the United States for over 75 years. They are approved for professional play, so you know they're serious. Comes in a beautiful wooden box for that special old-time feel. Makes an amazing gift that is very memorable.
Open Fire Popcorn Popper
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Make hot fluffy popcorn right over the campfire with your grandpa. The telescoping handle keeps you safely away from the fire and in 4-5 minutes you'll be munching on salty, buttery popcorn. This is very cool camping cookware and awesome camping fun!
Ultra Light Folding Shovel
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This is the ULTIMATE camping shovel. Small, ultra light (4.6 oz), and unbreakable. The shovelhead is carbon steel and the shaft is anodized aluminum. The pick even helps loosen rock or hard clay. A must-have tool that makes a great camping gift.
Rotisserie & Spit Grill
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Imagine sitting around the campfire with sausage, burgers, and chicken roasting on this picturesque rotisserie grill. My mouth is watering just staring at this picture. Now that's good campfire eating! Camping cookware doesn't get any more fun!
Carbon Steel Hand Chain Saw
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This is THE tool you want in your camping box. Tear through a 5-inch tree trunk in under 2 minutes with these carbon steel teeth. Don't bother hacking firewood with a machete or hatchet - use this saw instead! Add this to your camping gifts list!
Professional Throwing Axe
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Ever hurled an axe at an unsuspecting tree and heard the satisfying sound of it sinking in? Do it in style with this professional throwing axe. Perfectly shaped for beginners, it will stick into trees over a wide range of angles. What are you waiting for? You know you want it!
Pro Horseshoe Set
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These solid steel horseshoes have been made in the United States for over 75 years. They are approved for professional play, so you know they're serious. Comes in a beautiful wooden box for that special old-time feel. Makes an amazing gift that is very memorable.
Kid Safe Rubber Horse Shoes
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Have old timey fun with this completely kid safe horse shoe set. These rubber horse shoes not only work well, but are easy for kids to pick up and toss. Perfect for little kids at the campsite (up to age 6). Fun camping gifts like this can even be used inside your home.
Big Daddy Skillet
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This humongous skillet is perfect for your big family camping trips. Fry up a dozen eggs, sausage, and bacon all at once. You can even make 20 inch flapjacks with this sucker! Now that's a breakfast to remember! Truly an awesome addition to your camping cookware.
Rainbow Flame Crystals
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Make your campfire magical with these rainbow flame crystals! Just shake them out over a wood fire and these crystals produce amazing rainbow flames. The package has enough for 30 applications, so let the kids go wild! The effect is truly amazing!
Stargazing Camping Tent
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This high quality Eddie Bauer tent is one of the few tents designed to gaze at the stars. The fine mesh keeps bugs and mosquitos out, but lets you watch the brilliant stars away from the city lights. But don't worry, you won't get wet since it comes with a cover for when it rains.
Propane Hot Water Heater
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It just works. Hook up a water hose and a propane tank. The result is instant continuous hot water. Ideal for taking showers, cooking, or cleaning while camping. Rated 4 1/2 stars by 81 customers - the amazing reviews speak for themselves.
Mini Golf Professional Set
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I can arrange my own mini golf course? Shut up and take my money! Who the heck doesn't want to do that??? It even has a loop-de-loop! It seems unlikely that my kids will get a turn.
Russian Roulette Balloon Gun
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Now this is a party game while camping! Cock the hammer and pull the trigger. You have a 1 in 6 chance of blasting the balloon to smithereens, yet somehow the implications are so much more gut wrenching. Match this with a drinking game and it's all downhill!
Portable Propane Smoker
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Smoke fish, meat, or vegetables right at the campsite! Very, very cool! Could you imagine catching a fish and smoking it that very evening? How amazing would that be? Makes an amazing gift for any outdoor cooking enthusiast.
Heater for Inside Camping Tents
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Even with a sleeping bag, sometimes it can get darn cold inside your camping tent. Never again! This Coleman heater is completely safe to use inside your tent (flameless heat!). It provides 7 hours of toasty warmth on a single cylinder of propane. Never be cold again!
Hot Dog Roasting Sticks
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Roast marshmallows or hot dogs in style with this set of nine roasting forks. Nice long handles keep you and your kids safely away from the fire. Quality roasting cookware!
18-Inch Machete
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How can you call yourself a man without owning a machete??? This 18-inch machete will cut timber and brush with ease. The handle guard is a must and will make sure your hands don't get torn up. Time to get medievil on those blackberry bushes!
Swiss Army SwissChamp
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Yes, this is crazy, but it actually works and it WILL fit in your jeans pocket! Official Swiss Army, it has everything: altimeter, barometer, alarm, thermometer, chisel, magnifying glass, ball point pen, LED light, reamer, scissors and of course tweezers! Makes a special gift!
Ultimate Volleyball / Badminton Set
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You demand the best and we deliver! This set is very highly rated and contains everything, including tournament quality goose feather shuttle cocks, 4 tournament quality badminton rackets, a premium volleyball, and braided boundary lines. Play with the best!
Adult Strength Zip Line
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Zip lining is insane fun! Just tie the steel stranded cable between two mature trees for 90 feet of smooth gliding fun. Guaranteed to be an absolute hit with everyone! It's almost like flying!
Remote Control LED Tent Finder
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Ever try to find your camping tent at night in a busy campsite? It's ridiculous! This product is amazing and will let you light up your tent from afar. It's like a car beeper for your tent! Why didn't someone think of this sooner?
Eureka 4-Person Classic Retro Tent
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This is the one and only classic A-frame camping tent by Eureka. Impeccable reviews, over a million sold, this is the tent that people have camped in for decades. It's so classic that it's an icon for camping. Quality all around, this tent is retro camping gold.