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Smores on Pretzel Sticks
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Super easy to make for any camping birthday party, simply skewer marshmallows with long pretzel sticks, then dip in chocolate! You can make a whole tray of these super quick and they look super fun and very tasty! Since there is no campfire needed for this one, it's perfect for younger birthday parties.
Indoor Camping Sleepover in Tents!
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Kids love sleepovers! You could set up tents in the backyard, but if you have a bunch of little ones, then this is a great alternative. Each kid can get their own makeshift tent which is just a blanket hanging on a wooden dowel. It's not clear what you'll hang it from, but you'll figure something out! Give each kid a flashlight and they'll never forget this camping themed sleepover!
Do-It-Yourself Smores Bar
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More appropriate for older kids, let them make their own smores in a fairly safe environment! This picture is from a wedding smore bar, but there's no reason this wouldn't work for a cool camping birthday party. Get half a dozen little burners, some bowls full of broken chocolate bars and some bowls full of graham crackers and let them have fun making a gooey mess to eat!
Chocolate Acorns
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Each acorn is just a single Hershey's Kiss, a Mini Nilla Wafer, a butterscotch chip for the stem, and some Nutella to stick them together. For a fancy camping birthday party treat, these are super easy to make. It could even be a fun birthday activity to make them. These are brilliant!!!
Rice Krispie Smores
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Rice Krispie treats are super easy to make. Just make two thin pans of normal treats, then layer the chocolate, graham crakers, and more marshmallows and bake for a little longer. Instant tasty goodness for the perfect camping birthday party treat!
Indoor Campfire with Pillows
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Make a cozy indoor campfire for your birthday party with one of those Halloween fake fire cauldrons. Just stack real wood around the edges, get out a bunch of pillows, and tell ghost stories! If you want a really real looking indoor fake campfire prop, click on the picture!
Maddie & Jack Camping Cake
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Megan from the blog "Fowl Single File" designed this cake for a double birthday party that had a camping theme. With the kid's heads peeking out of each tent and the cute little signs that say "Camp Maddie" and "Camp Jack", this is one special camping cake! All of the cute cake details are made of fondant!
Happy Birthday Camping Cake
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This camping cake has a nice outdoor simplicity with the beautiful trees, the simple traditional tent, and the small campfire with skewered marshmallows. The only creepy part is that there are several bumble bees and lady bugs crawling all over the cake, crawling on the tent, and on the trees. Probably not the best way to make the cake look tasty!
5th Wheel Camping Birthday Cake
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Deborah created this cake for her friend Susan's birthday. Susan's entire family is in the cake - what a special gift! Can you believe that the trees are made of buttercream frosting? The only thing that Deborah realized was odd after she made the cake was that the river ends in a waterfall on both the left and right sides of the cake. You can read more on Deborah's blog "It's a Piece of Cake".
Camping Pinata
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It's not a party without a pinata! Let your tiny campers swing at the pinata until tiny pieces of candy explode outward. You could even fill the pinata with tiny marshmallows, Hershey bars, and graham crackers (maybe wrap groups of each so they stay clean!). Camping theme fun!
Deluxe Camping Birthday Party Pack
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This party pack has everything! Complete with invitations, activity placemats, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, napkins, centerpiece, table cover, 1 foil balloon, 18 latex balloons, crepe paper rolls, curling ribbon, star confetti, and cake candles. Holy smokes! It has everyting!
Do-It-Yourself Camping Cake Kit
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Complete kit to make your own Camping Cake! Light up tent, boat, and campfire included. I would highly recommend getting some tiny marshmallows and putting them on toothpicks for the campfire setting. Make your camping birthday party cake!
Log Pillow
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Be the envy of the campsite with your ultra-comfortable micro bead head cushion. Shaped and printed to look like a real log, this soft pillow will let you doze off by the campfire. Cool camping gear for your head! Makes a truly wonderful kids camping gear gift!
Cupcake Holder Stand
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Go all out with the camping theme with this camping party cupcake holder! Super cute and trendy, make camping cupcakes for the little ones! Looks really nice as a centerpiece for your camping birthday party!
Kid Safe Rubber Horse Shoes
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Have old timey fun with this completely kid safe horse shoe set. These rubber horse shoes not only work well, but are easy for kids to pick up and toss. Perfect for little kids at the campsite (up to age 6). Fun camping gifts like this can even be used inside your home.
Hot Dog Roaster Fishing Rod
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Reel your way to hot dog cooking perfection. A great camping gift for the fisherman who likes to sit back and slowly rotate their marshmallow into a golden brown masterpiece. Complete with telescoping rod so that you don't get too toasty from the campfire. Camping gadget fun!
Instant Pop-Up Family Camp Tent
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Self-expands in 1 second, this is a perfect tent for a sandy beach, grassy park, or a warm weather campsite. It sleeps 2 adults or 1 adult and several children. Great for kids who want their own tent and their own space! Folds back to nothing in 3 seconds.
Adult Strength Zip Line
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Zip lining is insane fun! Just tie the steel stranded cable between two mature trees for 90 feet of smooth gliding fun. Guaranteed to be an absolute hit with everyone! It's almost like flying!
Childs VW Camper Van Tent
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Get a mini version of the awesome full size VW camper tent! Your kids will have no idea why this is so cool. It's OK, though, since it's your job as a parent to instill coolness in them. And the whole thing folds up into a hubcap carrying bag?!? Well, just shut up and take my money.
Water Tag Vests with Hit Meter
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Not only can your kids blast each other with water, but they can now objectively tell who is the soggiest. The vest absorbs water, causing the meter to rise with each hit! Let your kids thoroughly drench each other with a clear target other than you!
Inflatable Bumper Balls
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Wrap your kids up in these protective inflatable bumper balls. Just like bubble wrap protects products during shipping, these protective encasements will ensure that your special child remains in pristine condition. No more scrapes, bruises, or nasty bumps to worry about.
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Camp the board game is a camping adventure designed to learn about the outdoors. Identify animals, spot dangerous situations, learn to identify animal tracks, survive near-freezing temperatures, and stay hydrated by drinking only your own urine. This game is genuine.
The 175 Best Camp Games
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This trusty book has boatloads of fun camping games for kids. Whether you're looking for active movement games or just sitting still around the campfire games, they're all in here! Lots of fun, especially for bonding with your kids. Bring it along on your next camping trip!
Paracord Survival Bracelet Maker
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Make paracord survival bracelets for all your fellow campers. Keep you kids busy churning out gifts for the big camping trip or keep them occupied during down time. These things are easy to make and they can actually be helpful in an emergency situation. Great crafty fun!
Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster
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Roast hot dogs and marshmallows using this awesome old-style fishing pole. The hook can hold 4 marshmallows, 2 marshmallows and a hot dog, 2 hot dogs, or one trout. Lots of fun, especially for campers with good coordination or fishing skills. Beer sold separately.
Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector
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This child sized metal detector is perfect for your child or grandchild! Introduce them to treasure hunting and bond with them over this relaxing sport! This unit detects coin-sized objects up to 5 inches deep and larger objects up to 3 feet deep. Makes an awesome gift!
Camping Game:<br/>Guess the Gross Jelly Bean
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Start with Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans by Jelly Belly, with flavors such as Earwax, Booger, and Vomit. Each player chooses from 1 to 10 and gets a jelly bean. Everyone else is told what the jelly bean is and then you can watch the player squirm as they describe the taste!
Campfire Game:<br/>Telling Spooky Camping Stories
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Nothing beats telling spooky stories around the campfire! A good story should be relatable and suspenseful, told slowly and methodically. If you have trouble making up good stories, then you can always bring along a book like this one! Boo!
Kids Camping Gear Set
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Prepare for the camping trip with kid versions of all the gear! Battery powered stove and lantern? Check. Swiss Army knife and watch? Check. Canteen and frying pan? Check. It even has a shovel and first aid kit that didn't fit in the picture. 8 total pieces of cool camping gear!
Curious George Goes Camping
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Get your kids excited about the big camping trip with this classic disaster story. The ultimate camping book for little kids! Does Curious George ever get his tent set up? Does he get eaten by bears? No spoilers here. You have to read the book!