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Mammoth 2-Person Sleeping Bag
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One sleeping bag for the whole family or just the adults! Why be separated from your hubby or woman? Super warm and it even has a mummy hood for extra warmth. This sleeping bag has amazing reviews with over 80 5-star reviews and an average of 4.7 stars!
Full-Sized Replica 1965 VW Tent
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Cheech and Chong would approve of this way groovy FULL-SIZED replica of a 1965 VW T1 Campervan, dude. Perfect for summer music festivals, this tent sleeps 4 and has two rooms. Far out! Cool camping gear doesn't get any more fun than this!
Rainbow Campfire Crystals
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Sprinkle these rainbow flame crystals on your campfire for a magical effect! Kids love this! It's an effect like you've never seen before. With 30 applications per package, there is plenty to go around for all the kids. One more way to enjoy the campfire late into the night!
Log Pillow
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Your kids will LOVE this ultra comfortable log shaped head cushion. Makes a wonderful gift for the upcoming camping trip. Each of your kids will want one! Looks stunningly like a real log, but is super soft. Trees are our great Resources and should be visited repeatedly.
Lightweight Double Hammock
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The size of a grapefruit when folded, this hammock easily holds 2 adults and is super strong. You can even use it as a swing seat. Over 100 amazing 5-star reviews on Amazon can't be wrong! This might be the best camping hammock you can buy.
Life Straw Clean Water System
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Sip clean water from almost any source, from puddles to streams. Doesn't use chemicals! It's even a Time Magazine "Invention of the Year". With millions sold, this is one of those devices that could truly be a life saver! Always be prepared!
30 Day Survival Lantern
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This lantern is indestructible and will shine for 30 straight days on only three D batteries. It can hang upside down in your tent and in an emergency situation it can even flash a bright SOS signal for 15 straight days. Now this is a lantern and it might just save your life!
Personal Locator Beacon
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There are times when you don't want to be found. However, if you ever want to be found alive, you might want this. The 406 MHz signal relays location to the worldwide SAR satellite network and the 121.5 MHz signal relays your location to ground Search and Rescue.
Suunto GPS Watch
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It does everything. Full GPS pinpoints location and elevation. Switch between running, cycling, training, and swimming modes for access to information like lap times, calories, distance, and route. Recharged via USB with over 1000 free apps available. Customize your adventure!
Bubble Tent
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The "CristalBubble" tent is certainly unique! As comfortable as a small hotel room, you can spend the night under the stars! Just make sure there are no large horned animals wandering around outside your tent! One wrong move and you could be slightly deflated.
Solhuma Vital Survival Stove
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This small survival stove will burn wood, paper, cardboard, twigs, straw, natural fibers, animal dung, and charcoal. It also generates electricity which powers a blower fan to keep the fire strong. Additional energy is generated to also power your cell phone! Now that's cool!
Pocket-Sized Solar Spark Lighter
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This stainless steel parabolic mirror will start a fire using just concentrated sunlight! Similar to how a magnifying glass focuses the sun, this mirror focuses the sun's rays onto one single spot, lighting whatever you want on fire. Use your best judgment as this is not for children!
Big Time Big Daddy Skillet
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20 inch flapjacks??? Yes sir! This gigantic skillet is ideal for your large family camping trips. Cook a dozen eggs, bacon, and sausage all at once. That's an awesome breakfast you won't forget! Paul Bunyan sized camping cookware!
Professional Throwing Axe
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Ever hurled an axe at an unsuspecting tree and heard the satisfying sound of it sinking in? Do it in style with this professional throwing axe. Perfectly shaped for beginners, it will stick into trees over a wide range of angles. What are you waiting for? You know you want it!
Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron
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Plan for the best and prepare for the worst. Ketchup? Check! Can opener? Check! 6 beers? Check! You're now ready for anything your platoon can throw at you. You will be the ultimate grill master sergeant, ready to command your troops into BBQ action!
Rotisserie & Spit Grill
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Imagine sitting around the campfire with sausage, burgers, and chicken roasting on this picturesque rotisserie grill. My mouth is watering just staring at this picture. Now that's good campfire eating! Camping cookware doesn't get any more fun!
Watermelon Tent
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Dripping with watermelon tastiness, this tent will make your mouth water! It's almost TOO real looking! Don't worry, there is a real tent underneath the tarp. Do you think it comes in a seedless variety? Better check the Privacy Policy just to make sure!
True Outdoorsman Knit Beard
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Sure, you're prepared to go camping, but do you look the part? There is no longer a need to be embarrassed when all of the other men have luscious full beards. Simply slip on your knit beard and feel your manliness skyrocket. (Mandatory plaid flannel shirt sold separately)
Campfire Popcorn Popper
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Who doesn't love piping hot buttery popcorn! Between the fun popping noises and the amazing aroma, you'll have a ton of fun making popcorn right over the campfire! Simple and easy to use, you'll be munching on popcorn in no time. Very cool camping cookware!
Sleeping Bag Suit
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Yes, it's a sleeping bag, but you can still walk around while inside it! Why would you risk getting cold??? Sometimes it's just darn cold outside when you need to go to the bathroom. However, we recommend that you don't let the other campers see you in this...
Hand Chain Saw
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Made of carbon steel, this hand chain saw will quickly rip through small tree trunks. Don't hack firewood with a machete or hatchet - you want to use this saw instead! An awesome tool for your camping box. Put this on your camping gifts list now!
Russian Roulette Balloon Gun
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Now this is a party game while camping! Cock the hammer and pull the trigger. You have a 1 in 6 chance of blasting the balloon to smithereens, yet somehow the implications are so much more gut wrenching. Match this with a drinking game and it's all downhill!
Serengeti Luxury Tent
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Suited for desert, tropical rainforest, or coastal dunes, the Serengeti is a top-tier luxury tent. Step into this tent and you'll find yourself pulled back in time to a romanticized 1930's Africa. Hopefully you brought a time machine to get you back.
Best Folding Shovel
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Small and ultralight, this shovel weighs in at 4.6 oz. It's super strong and unbreakable. With an aluminum shaft and a carbon steel head, this is a must-have tool! You can even use the pick to loosen hard dirt. Makes a unique and memorable camping gift.
Best Propane Smoker
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Imagine enjoying hot smoked salmon after catching the fish that very afternoon! Or how about enjoying mouth-watering buffalo wings with your friends or waking everyone up in the morning with the smell of smoked ham for breakfast at the campsite! You'll be a hero!
Heater for Inside Camping Tents
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Even with a sleeping bag, sometimes it can get darn cold inside your camping tent. Never again! This Coleman heater is completely safe to use inside your tent (flameless heat!). It provides 7 hours of toasty warmth on a single cylinder of propane. Never be cold again!
Quad Pod Campfire Grill
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Simple and easy to set up, this campfire grill lets you cook right over the fire with no big hassles. Just unfold it and you're ready to go! Perfect for grilling mouth watering steaks, chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Now I'm really hungry!
Cool Camp Table and Organizer
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This is the ultimate camping table! It has a strong roll-top aluminum surface and 4 zippered compartments, with one acting as a kitchen sink! This is a super sharp cook station! Amazing 5-star reviews! Now you can be organized in style!
Deluxe Pink Camping Chair
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This is one fancy pink camping chair! Don't let your family members steal it from you! Not only does it have a fold-out side tray, but the drink cup holders are insulated. It also has lots of little pockets to hold your goodies. When it folds up, everything can stay in the pockets!
Pro Horseshoe Set
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These solid steel horseshoes have been made in the United States for over 75 years. They are approved for professional play, so you know they're serious. Comes in a beautiful wooden box for that special old-time feel. Makes an amazing gift that is very memorable.
Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector
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This child sized metal detector is perfect for your child or grandchild! Introduce them to treasure hunting and bond with them over this relaxing sport! This unit detects coin-sized objects up to 5 inches deep and larger objects up to 3 feet deep. Makes an awesome gift!
Camping Demerit Badges
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Camping achievements! Did you get bit by a mosquito? Did you run out of gas? Did you need a band aid? Did you catch your hot dog on fire? Collect them all, but only after it really happened to you. There is no end to the misery that can happen in the great outdoors!
The 175 Best Camp Games
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This trusty book has boatloads of fun camping games for kids. Whether you're looking for active movement games or just sitting still around the campfire games, they're all in here! Lots of fun, especially for bonding with your kids. Bring it along on your next camping trip!
12 Foot Outdoor Movie Screen
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Show a movie for the whole campsite! This inflatable movie screen, projector, and speaker system is the real deal. Just like an old drive-in, everyone can park their butts in the field and munch on salty snacks. Show old TV shows to make it even more nostalgic.
Camping Game:<br/>Campfire Songs Name that Tune
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Everybody loves listening to music and talking about music around the campfire! Take turns humming a few bars of your favorite tunes and see who can guess first. Of course, if someone can play the guitar and read music, then you're all set with this campfire guitar songbook!
Best Portable Toilet
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All potty jokes aside, sometimes you NEED to go to the bathroom like a civilized human being - you need a camping toilet! So don't poo poo the porta potty too quickly. Squatting in the woods is overrated... Can you put a price on modern civilization? Apparently you can - it's...
Ultimate Leatherman
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This is the best Leatherman tool you can buy! The knife is made with the hardest steel offered, for amazing corrosion resistance and toughness. The casing has a tungsten coating for ultimate protection as well as an awesome look. This is the Cadillac of camping gadgets!
Emergency Fire Starter
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Can you get a fire going in an emergency? Light up paper and fine fibers (dried grass, cotton, moss) without a problem. For a measly $4, you can't go wrong. While you're at it, don't use this on the John or you'll blow up the Outhouse and use up all your Resources.
Go Girl Female Urination Device
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Sometimes you need to go and sitting down isn't an option! If you're female and think you might have to go behind a bush or in a port-a-potty, you must have this product. It's crazy but it does work! Don't forget to practice with it before you need to use it!
Humongous 12 Person Tent Condo
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20 feet long and 10 feet wide, this tent truly is a condo of its own! Large mesh windows allow cool summer breezes, yet can be zipped up to keep the rain away. There is also a divider to make two large separate rooms. This camping tent is move in ready!
Swiss Army SwissChamp
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Yes, this is crazy, but it actually works and it WILL fit in your jeans pocket! Official Swiss Army, it has everything: altimeter, barometer, alarm, thermometer, chisel, magnifying glass, ball point pen, LED light, reamer, scissors and of course tweezers! Makes a special gift!
Ultimate Volleyball / Badminton Set
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You demand the best and we deliver! This set is very highly rated and contains everything, including tournament quality goose feather shuttle cocks, 4 tournament quality badminton rackets, a premium volleyball, and braided boundary lines. Play with the best!
Super Strong Zip Line
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Zip lining is crazy fun and this kit supports adults up to 250lbs. Just secure the steel stranded aircraft cable between two trees and you'll have 90 feet of gliding excitement. Take this on your next camping trip for an amazing good time!
Solar Camping Tent Concept
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This solar powered concept tent weaves specially coated solar threads into normal fabric. The three gliding roof panels then move throughout the day to maximize solar efficiency. Too bad you can't buy it since this would be the ultimate in luxury camping gear!
Inflatable Camping Tent
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Inspired by a diamond's molecular structure, this tent holds up with blow-up posts. Amazing inflatable cool camping gear! Unfortunately, it pretty pricy, requiring some serious Euros. Oh well... You would probably get too dizzy from blowing it up and get eaten by a bear...
Deer Butt
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Yes, it is an actual deer butt, professionally mounted by a taxidermist! This whitetail deer will look awesome in your den and will show your friends that you mean business. You don't just mount a half-assed stuffed animal butt. You're willing to go full-ass with the real thing!
LED Tent Finder
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You're walking toward your tent at night in a busy campsite, but where the heck is it??? With one press of a remote control, your tent will light up like a beacon of hope! Amazing! If only it had that car locking sound to go with it... Then you would really freak everyone out!
Pop-Up Camping Tent
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Give your kids this super easy pop-up tent for the backyard, beach, or campsite. It pops up in 1 second and sleeps 2 adults or 1 adult and several children. Your kids can have their very own space! When you're ready to pack up, it collapses in 3 seconds!
Teepee Tent
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Heavy-duty, lightweight, waterproof, polyester, and green. This teepee tent features it all! How can you possibly resist the timeless peak-style construction? How can you not be impressed by the covered mesh windows that allow air to circulate, keeping your camp fresh?
Lithium Compound Bow
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This state-of-the-art compound bow contains a patented vibration escape system that delivers a silent and shock free shot at 335 feet per second. That's 228 MPH. Any translucent deer that crosses your path will never know what hit it. It also works on opaque deer.
Texsport Campfire Tripod
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Simple, but effective! This campfire tripod easily fits around any fire and is perfect for holding a variety of sturdy cast iron cookware. And when you're done with cooking, you can even use it to hang your lantern!
Easy Campfire Cooking
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200+ family fun recipes. Have fun cooking over the coals and in the flames! Tasty food in the wilderness by firelight has never been so yummy. Your mouth is watering just reading this. You can't help yourself. You must follow your instincts and eat everything in sight.
Cordless Rechargable Bug Zapper
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You can flail your arms like a lunatic or you can let this rechargeable bug zapper lantern do the dirty work for you. Just set this insect zapper about 10 feet away and it'll dispense with the little buggers with ease. They won't feel a thing and neither will you. ZAP!
3000 Volt Electric Bug Zapper
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The most powerful bug zapper racket you can buy! You'll need a taser to zap bugs with more voltage than this. Just swing away and exact your revenge against the little bloodthirsty suckers. It's you or them! They've made their choice, now it up to you to protect yourself.
Fishing Rod Hot Dog Roaster
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Hot dog cooking perfection! Makes an amazing gift for any fisherman. Just slowly reel in your hot dog for even roasting perfection. It even has a telescoping rod so that you can sit back and relax around the campfire. This is one really cool camping gadget that he'll love!
Hand Operated Washing Machine
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Wash your clothes while camping! Just grab this contraption, your dirty clothes, a bucket of water, a touch of soap, and start vigorously plunging, just like the original pioneers! Your clothes will be clean and you'll end up with a bucket of dirty water. It's a good trade!
Survival Blanket
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Sometimes it gets REALLY cold and a blanket like this can save your life. It's so light that it's silly not to have it with you. Who doesn't want 90% of their body heat reflected back to them? Easy to open, quiet, tear resistant. You might want to get this just in case!
14-in-1 Survival Watch
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Compass, signal mirror, flashlight, can opener, fire starter, fishing, whistle, cutting tool. Yikes, it does it all! Half Swiss Army knife and half MacGyver. There is nothing you can't handle with this watch. Since it's a Kickstarter campaign, get in on the ground floor!
Portable Camping Grill
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Take along this portable camping grill that is fully contained in a 19.8 oz metal tube. It makes a decent sized grilling surface a little bigger than 9 x 10 inches. This is a very cool camping gear gadget that makes a great gift!
Upside Down Shower
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Here's an awesome way to shower outside! Hook up a hose and let the water gently cascade upward and wash you off. Keep it in your backyard during the summer, especially if you have a pool, and take it with you camping if there is a hose hookup.
Big Bubba Chair
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Relax, it's made by Travelchair, a Gig Harbor, Washington company you've never heard of and sounds made-up. And what's with the Big Bubba name? The simple truth is, it's a nice comfortable camping chair with a high back and great leg support. So relax and take in the day.
Directional Anklet Kit
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Birds have it, airplanes have it, now you can have it. Give your body a new sense! This anklet will vibrate when you face north. Your body will become accustom to this new sense and you'll learn to adapt and evolve without even being bitten by a radioactive spider!
Bug Out Bag Kit
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When disaster strikes suddenly, you grab this bag and you get the hell out of town. This bag has the tools to keep you alive. Add cash, food, and a firearm. There are viruses, earthquakes, tsunamis, radiation, and mosquitos trying to kill you! Run to the hills, run for your lives!
Fisher F75 Metal Detector
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This top of the line model is able to detect metal DEEP underground, which is the key for finding relics! If you're going to be treasure hunting, then you'll want the best so that you don't miss anything! Unique, special features include target confidence and target depth.
Camping Pinata
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It's not a party without a pinata! Let your tiny campers swing at the pinata until tiny pieces of candy explode outward. You could even fill the pinata with tiny marshmallows, Hershey bars, and graham crackers (maybe wrap groups of each so they stay clean!). Camping theme fun!
Lightweight Nesting Cookware
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This is the perfect cookware for a camping couple! The MSR Trail Lite Duo System is super lightweight at only 1.4 pounds. It not only has a nice 2-liter aluminum pot, but two deep-dish bowls and two double-walled insulated mugs. Everything for a nice lunch for two!
Classic Coleman Lantern
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Yes, it's the original classic Coleman kerosene lantern. It doesn't get any more authentic than this. Forget modern LED lanterns. This thing will provide all the light you need and make a great hissing noise as well. Just don't touch the top since it gets wicked hot!
Stronghold Tent
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Used around the world in base camps from Kilimanjaro to Yosemite Valley, this tent will shelter 10+ people and is impervious to the elements. However, if you happen to be visiting Yellowstone, this tent will not protect you from steam, magma, or wild bison.
Dog Life Jacket
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Protect your dog from accidental drowning with this stylish doggie life jacket. The other dogs will be so jealous when they see the svelte, form-fitting, life-saving floatation device that their owners neglected to purchase for them. Good thing you planned ahead and bought it!
Portable Folding Hammock
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There's nothing like reading a book in a comfy hammock! This portable folding hammock is perfect for a lazy afternoon at the campsite. The price can't be beat at 60% off and only $40!
Propane Hot Water Heater
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It just works. Hook up a water hose and a propane tank. The result is instant continuous hot water. Ideal for taking showers, cooking, or cleaning while camping. Rated 4 1/2 stars by 81 customers - the amazing reviews speak for themselves.
Mini Golf Professional Set
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I can arrange my own mini golf course? Shut up and take my money! Who the heck doesn't want to do that??? It even has a loop-de-loop! It seems unlikely that my kids will get a turn.
Enamel Camping Pot
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Technically it's known as a straight pot, but technicalities aside, it's damn fine camping pot. You can put food in this pot, liquid, or a combination of the two (I don't want to get too technical). Once in the pot, put the pot over something hot and cook the stuff inside.
Mini Dehydrated Marshmallows
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Just think of the things you can do with one pound of mini dehydrated marshmallows! You can hydrate them, you can put them in hot cocoa, and you can throw them at people. That's at least three things you can do with all of these mini dehydrated marshmallows!
Two-Handed Pro Bubble Wand
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THIS is how you make those ridiculously large bubbles with ordinary bubble liquid soap. The trick is a two-handed wand, which has been used to set every large bubble world record in the last 25 years. An Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award and 4.5 stars from customers!
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Camp the board game is a camping adventure designed to learn about the outdoors. Identify animals, spot dangerous situations, learn to identify animal tracks, survive near-freezing temperatures, and stay hydrated by drinking only your own urine. This game is genuine.
Camping Dimensional Stickers
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Use these awesome 3D camping stickers for camping invitations or for scrapbooking the big trip afterwards! No matter what happened on the actual trip, your memories will be forever enshrined with happy thoughts and these cute stickers. Just remember the good times!
Paracord Survival Bracelet Maker
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Make paracord survival bracelets for all your fellow campers. Keep you kids busy churning out gifts for the big camping trip or keep them occupied during down time. These things are easy to make and they can actually be helpful in an emergency situation. Great crafty fun!
Campfire Game:<br/>Telling Spooky Camping Stories
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Nothing beats telling spooky stories around the campfire! A good story should be relatable and suspenseful, told slowly and methodically. If you have trouble making up good stories, then you can always bring along a book like this one! Boo!
Kids Camping Gear Set
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Prepare for the camping trip with kid versions of all the gear! Battery powered stove and lantern? Check. Swiss Army knife and watch? Check. Canteen and frying pan? Check. It even has a shovel and first aid kit that didn't fit in the picture. 8 total pieces of cool camping gear!
Curious George Goes Camping
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Get your kids excited about the big camping trip with this classic disaster story. The ultimate camping book for little kids! Does Curious George ever get his tent set up? Does he get eaten by bears? No spoilers here. You have to read the book!
Childs VW Camper Van Tent
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Get a mini version of the awesome full size VW camper tent! Your kids will have no idea why this is so cool. It's OK, though, since it's your job as a parent to instill coolness in them. And the whole thing folds up into a hubcap carrying bag?!? Well, just shut up and take my money.
Water Tag Vests with Hit Meter
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Not only can your kids blast each other with water, but they can now objectively tell who is the soggiest. The vest absorbs water, causing the meter to rise with each hit! Let your kids thoroughly drench each other with a clear target other than you!
Inflatable Bumper Balls
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Wrap your kids up in these protective inflatable bumper balls. Just like bubble wrap protects products during shipping, these protective encasements will ensure that your special child remains in pristine condition. No more scrapes, bruises, or nasty bumps to worry about.
Remote Controlled Bald Eagle
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With an amazing 9 foot wingspan, this very cool remote controlled bald eagle is a sight to behold. As a symbol of strength, it soars up to 500 feet away and can even hover in place against the wind. Bring freedom with you wherever your travels take you! Hell yeah!
Tailgater Hammocks
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Hammock in style with these sporty tailgater hammocks. You and your other half can hang anywhere your SUV can back into. Back into a beautiful canyon view, back into a mountain retreat, or back into a romantic ocean cliffside. Just don't back in too far for safety reasons.
Kids Wearable Sleeping Bag
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Why be a mummy? Kids want to move and these wearable sleeping bags, complete with hands and feet, are amazingly maneuverable. They can zig and zag as needed in the small confines of a camping tent. But let's face it. There are only two reasons for this: #1 and #2
Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster
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Roast hot dogs and marshmallows using this awesome old-style fishing pole. The hook can hold 4 marshmallows, 2 marshmallows and a hot dog, 2 hot dogs, or one trout. Lots of fun, especially for campers with good coordination or fishing skills. Beer sold separately.
Heavy Duty Log Tweezers
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Sometimes there is someone camping (we won't name names) who can't stop rearranging the damn campfire. For them, this is the ultimate tool! Whether the logs are smoldering, flickering, or blazing, pluck those hard to reach logs with these heavy duty log tweezers!
Camping Game:<br/>Guess the Gross Jelly Bean
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Start with Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans by Jelly Belly, with flavors such as Earwax, Booger, and Vomit. Each player chooses from 1 to 10 and gets a jelly bean. Everyone else is told what the jelly bean is and then you can watch the player squirm as they describe the taste!
Lightweight Camping Tent Hammock
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The ground is lava, stay off the ground! This is the ultimate prepper's camping hammock and is just 4 pounds. The #1 rated camping hammock on the market by American Survival Guide as well as Backpacker and Outside Magazines. Stay high and dry is what I always say!
Ultimate Camping Multi-Tool
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It's a hammer, an axe, a wrench, and a bunch of other things. There's also a jagged sharp thingy, a sharp knife-like silver part, and some other dangerously sharp items. It's exactly what you need right now! Or maybe sometime in the future. But you need it.
Vortex Hand Blender
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You are a person who blends things. You like to blend fruit for breakfast smoothies, yet you also like to blend hard liquor and ice for after dinner drinks. That's just who you are. You are an exciting person who makes blended drinks that don't require chewing. Own it.